School Finance Leader

The School Finance Leader is a curated monthly digest of useful public entity finance and leadership links brought to you by Miles Capital. Our goal is to bring you the information you want (and need) in an easy-to-use format.

Five Minutes (or Less)

May 19-22 113th Annual GFOA Conference Sign Up

June 12 ISFIS Annual Conference  Sign Up

The Problem With Every Leadership Theory You've Ever Heard

Ten Minutes (or Less)

Why Robocalls Are Almost Impossible to Stop  Watch Video

Investors Should Be Getting Ready For An Uptrend — Not A Downturn CNBC

How Strong is your Investment Program? Self-Assessment

A Bit Longer

10 Deep Lessons From Our First Image of a Black Hole's Event Horizon Forbes

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Building Blocks of Cash Management

The Basics of Public Entity Investing. We've put together some investment management best practices for public financial professionals who oversee their entity’s asset pools.  Click here to learn more!

Amy Mitchell

​​​​Director, Public Fund Services and Administration Amy Mitchell serves as the relationship manager to our public entity clients and is responsible for the leadership of the local government investment pool services including the delivery of investment management, administration and compliance services. 515-224-2720

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