COVID-19 Update - Office Closure

During these unprecedented times we are reminded how interconnected we all are. The Miles Capital family including our employees, clients, and partners is being impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, and has already taken steps the last few days to limit the community spread.

Our priority is first and foremost the health and safety of the Miles Capital family and our local communities. With this in mind, our headquarters has now closed and we have eliminated all work-related travel and gatherings. These bans will remain in place until they are no longer deemed necessary by the appropriate health organizations.

Please note: Our employees are still hard at work for you and your portfolios; we are just now working remotely.

We understand many of you are counting on us at Miles Capital during this turbulent market. Please know that we are closely monitoring the evolving situation and your portfolios. Our team is working remotely, our portfolio management and client support continues without interruption, and we are ready to assist as needed.

Our phone lines have now been forwarded to our mobile phones, so you are able to reach us with the same numbers you have in the past, and we are also available via email.

Amy Mitchell: 515-224-2720

Courtney Clarke: 515-224-2722

Stacey Crandall: 515-224-2715

Anita Tracy: 515-224-2725

Michael Westphal: 515-224-2702

Walt Stubbings: 515-224-2719

Richard Deary: 515-224-2709

Rachel Cropp: 515-224-2708

Nicholas Vorel: 515-224-2764

David Miles: 515-333-1860

We are all in this together. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

These are trying times, but please know you and your business are in our thoughts. As this situation evolves, we will keep you updated and informed.


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