Aligned With Your Mission

As a fiduciary, we have been honored to help not-for-profit organizations, fully aligning the investment portfolios to help support each organization's mission, for nearly 30 years.



We serve as a comprehensive outsourced investment department for our not-for-profit clients. We are an extension of our clients' team, creating a complete investment program that is designed uniquely for each organization. We create customized portfolios and provide a complete list of value-added services.

Comprehensive Investment Framework

Managing portfolios for not-for-profits and charities requires a deep understanding of each client’s needs and constraints, as well as capabilities across all asset classes. A not-for-profit board takes their fiduciary duty seriously and needs to be confident their portfolio will help them invest into perpetuity while also meeting annual gifting and operating needs.  


We provide this experience, as well as broad investment capabilities and guidance across all asset classes.

Our Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® process is a leading-edge, proprietary approach to asset allocation. It is designed to address the shortcomings of other asset allocation methodologies and more effectively align the portfolio with organizational goals. Whether a not-for-profit's goals are to outpace standard benchmarks or to achieve a distribution level over inflation, we can help.

And, we deliver our asset allocation solutions through our broad asset class capabilities:

•    Fixed Income
•    Equity
•    Alternatives


  • Charitable Organizations & Trusts

  • Religious Organizations

  • Educational Endowments

  • Private Charities

  • Fraternal Associations

  • Business Leagues

  • Social Welfare

Not-For-Profit Services Brief

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Value Investing
Understanding the Difference Between Price and Value is the Core Principle of Value Investing 
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Our asset allocation and customized investment approach puts your organization first.

Services for Not-for-Profits

What Does An Outsourced Investment Department Do For You?

Objectives-Based Asset Allocation®
We customize the portfolio to align directly with your unique needs.


Education & Guidance

We provide ongoing education, training, and market commentary for our client’s teams to enhance their depth.


Performance Monitoring

We monitor and manage performance continuously, relative to your custom benchmarks, and report to the Board.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

We analyze the asset/liability needs, cash flows, and constraints to develop and codify objectives in the IPS.


Assistance to the Board

Communication includes guidance through challenges or market changes, and participation in strategic planning.


Cost Control

We maintain best execution for our clients (goal of lowering trading costs) and aid in custodial search and selection.


Our goal is for every client to feel as if they are our only client.

Outstanding Service


Our focus is on our clients, and what is most important to each organization we serve. We have built our team to enhance this focus – ensuring our deep experience in the industry. Our professionals not only average 18 years of investment experience, but also serve on not-for-profit boards or have had experience working with organizations.

We provide each client a full team of professionals, dedicated to helping achieve client success. We aim to:

•    Save Time
•    Add Value to Each Organization
•    Minimize Downside Volatility and Risk

We provide a full suite of services conveniently and effectively.

Richard Deary, Head of Institutional Sales

Richard Deary

Head of Institutional Sales

Richard is Head of Institutional Sales for Miles Capital, responsible for leading the effort to establish new investment management relationships with insurance companies and other institutional clients ... Read More​