Institutional Investment Solutions

Our proprietary Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® is implemented through our diverse capabilities across asset classes, from cash and fixed income to equity and alternatives.

Our Philosophy

Customized, Outcome-Oriented Investment Solutions


At Miles Capital, we develop customized, outcome-oriented investment solutions. We emphasize a deep-rooted understanding of client objectives, needs, and constraints as paramount to helping achieve optimal investment results.



A Five-Year Strategic Plan for Your Portfolio

Done correctly, portfolio investment strategy can help to support, enhance, and achieve client objectives. But most conventional asset allocation approaches focus solely on risk and return at a single point in time.


Our leading-edge OBAA® goes well beyond these conventional approaches to fully align the portfolio to help support your goals.


We take a comprehensive view of your organization’s needs and priorities and customize your portfolio to help meet your needs. Whether you are an insurer trying to minimize surplus volatility, a not-for-profit maintaining your spending policy, or a government entity maximizing debt capacity, we can assist you.  


The Benefits of OBAA®


  • Goals-Driven: An asset allocation solution based on your strategic goals, not arbitrary risk or return metrics.

  • Customized: Each OBAA® solution is uniquely designed to help meet your needs. It is not an off-the-shelf solution. 

  • Dynamic: An allocation that evolves with changes in the markets and your business to stay fully aligned with your goals.

  • Transparent: You will always know the rationale for your portfolio structure and receive ongoing insights into how it contributes to your goals.

  • Forward-Looking: OBAA® creates a strategic plan for the portfolio well into the future.

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Fixed Income

We believe fixed income should preserve capital, provide liquidity, and offer a yield advantage over the appropriate benchmarks.


Our objective is to capture market-like upside and provide downside risk protection.

Alternative Markets

We believe alternative assets are important components of a well-diversified portfolio. Proper management can support growth, help reduce market volatility, and potentially provide a hedge to inflation. 

Our investment team thoroughly understands each client’s goals and constraints to help ensure no opportunities are undertaken without full understanding of the risks, and their effects on the client's broader goals and objectives.


Fixed Income

Our tenured team averages 18 years experience. We build customized portfolios across all investment grade bond sectors.

Fixed Income


Fixed income should preserve capital, provide liquidity, and deliver a yield advantage over the relevant benchmark. 

We manage all investment grade fixed income sectors and have designed our process to add value through: 

•    Proprietary, fundamentals-based security selection process
•    Robust risk management infrastructure
•    Customized portfolios aligned with client needs. 

The result is strong, consistent results, customized for you.


  • Cash Management

  • Core Fixed

  • Sector Focused

    • Corporates

    • Municipals (Taxable & Tax-Exempt)

    • Securitized

  • Duration / Liability Managed

  • Commercial Mortgage Loans

Fixed Income Process

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Our unique process quickly rates 3000 securities across 9 markets. Our equity team research process is designed to select the “best of the best”.


Equity should support growth, maintain liquidity, and provide market-like upside with less-than-market downside.


We manage both domestic and international equity through separate account and fund structures.

Our team-based approach is designed to add value through:


  • Proprietary security rating process, focusing on highest rated

  • Diversification by sector and market capitalization ranges

  • Active management and risk mitigation


  • Large Cap

  • Dividend/Income Focused

  • Small Cap Core

  • REITs

  • International 

Active Equity Paper

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Our goal is to deliver strong, risk-managed results that help you grow.



Our alternative markets platform provides our clients access to top-tier managers across diversified strategies with lower administrative burden.

Alternative Markets Solutions


Alternative assets should support growth, help reduce volatility, and potentially provide a hedge to inflation. 


Our Alternative Markets Solutions® group averages decades of experience. And we’ve leveraged that experience to overcome traditional barriers in alternative investing and bring our clients alternatives in a simple, cost effective, accessible program.


Our team-based process is designed  to add value through:


  • Performing robust manager due diligence

  • Investing in the right strategies at the right size

  • Providing access to top-tier managers

  • Diversifying across asset classes and managers


  • Direct Hedge Funds

  • Hedge Mutual Funds

  • Private Equity

  • Private Real Estate

  • Private Natural Resources

AMS Brochure

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Let us help add alternative value to your portfolio.