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For over 30 years, we have created strategic partnerships and delivered customized investment solutions that help support their goals.

Strategic Partnership


We Know Investing for Insurers

At Miles Capital, we know investing for insurers, from property & casualty and life & health to specialty and captive insurance. We leverage our more than three decades of insurance expertise along with our comprehensive asset management capabilities to design and deliver clear, flexible, tailored solutions. We understand the unique objectives, parameters, and regulatory constraints our insurance clients face and offer customized investments to help meet these needs.

Industry Expertise


Managing insurance company portfolios requires insurance expertise and a deep understanding of client business needs, as well as capabilities across the asset classes that add value for insurers. Insurers need to be confident their portfolios are aligned with their business and clearly understand the purpose of each asset class.  


We bring this breadth and expertise to bear for our clients.

We created Objectives-Based Asset Allocation®, a leading-edge, proprietary asset allocation approach that is designed to overcome the shortcomings of other asset allocation methodologies and more effectively align the portfolio with your goals.


And, we deliver our asset allocation solutions through our broad asset class capabilities:



  • Property/Casualty

  • Life

  • Health

  • Reinsurance

  • Captive

  • Government Risk Pools

Insurance Services Brief

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Miles Capital 4th Quarter Newsletter:
Fixated on the Consumer

The massive dynamics of global growth and trade were again center stage for the quarter, but there were some important differences...

Re:Think Investment Breadth
It is important for insurers to recognize the breadth of typical permitted assets, the purpose of these various assets, and their role in order to understand if they should be used in a particular portfolio.

We create goals-driven investment solutions that are uniquely designed to help each client achieve their strategic objectives.

Save Time



We provide a full suite of services that add to your capabilities. We are committed to providing unsurpassed service, taking responsibility for your investment portfolio and becoming a part of your organization and team. 

Add Value



We offer fully customized investing and portfolio management. Think of it as a strategic plan for your investments. We identify the most important goals for your company’s assets and then design a fully customized, forward-looking solution to help deliver the investment results that matter to you.

Mitigate Risk



We design portfolios to align with your needs and protect against downside risk mitigation. We help provide stable income and predictable cash flows, but are agile enough to take advantage of market opportunities. Dedicated portfolio management constantly evaluates your portfolio, managing risk along the way.

Outstanding Service and Strategic Partnership


Our Goal is For Every Client to Feel as if They Are Our Only Client

Our focus is on the insurance industry, our clients, and what’s important to each unique business. We have built our team to enhance this focus – ensuring our deep experience in the industry.


We provide unparalleled client service, providing each insurer a full team dedicated to meeting their needs. We aim to:

•    Save Time
•    Add Value to Each Business
•    Mitigate Risks

We create customized portfolios and provide a complete list of value-added services. We act as an extension of our client's teams, designing and implementing unique investment programs for every type of insurer.

Our insurance expertise has allowed us to design our full suite of insurance-focused services, and deliver them conveniently and effectively to our clients.

Services for Insurers

What Does An Outsourced Investment Department Do For You?

Objectives-Based Asset Allocation®
We customize the portfolio to align directly with your unique needs.


Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

We analyze the asset/liability needs, cash flows, and constraints to develop and codify objectives in the IPS.


Education & Guidance

We provide ongoing education, training, and market commentary for our client’s teams to enhance their depth.


Performance Monitoring

We monitor and manage performance continuously, relative to your custom benchmarks, and report to the Board.

Forward-looking Glide Paths

We provide forward-looking analysis of business and portfolio metrics that matter.


Capital Efficiency Analysis

We assess the portfolio and each investment recommendation relative to your capital efficiency.


Assistance to the Board

Communication includes guidance through challenges or market changes, and participation in strategic planning.


Cost Control

We maintain best execution for our clients (goal of lowering trading costs) and aid in custodial search and selection.

Our goal is for every client to feel as if they are our only client.

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Miles Capital is an independent, solutions-focused investment manager, serving as a comprehensive outsourced investment department for insurance clients. We create customized portfolios and provide a complete list of value-added services. We act as an extension of our client's teams, designing and implementing unique investment programs for every type of insurer.


We provide unparalleled client service, providing each insurer a full team dedicated to helping achieve their goals.

Richard Deary, Head of Institutional Sales

Richard Deary

Head of Institutional Sales

Richard is Head of Institutional Sales for Miles Capital, responsible for leading the effort to establish new investment management relationships with insurance companies and other institutional clients. Read More​

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