Going the Extra Mile for Schools

The Education Liquidity Fund (TELF) is now Miles Capital Education. New Name, Same Great Service and Investment Solutions for Schools.

Miles Capital Education

Your Investments Should be Working as Hard as You

Schools and colleges are continually asked to do more with less. We can help make your operating and reserve assets go further by delivering risk-managed, comprehensive daily and longer-term investment solutions, managed in accordance with state codes.

Investment Solutions

Our Miles Capital Education program, previously named The Education Liquidity Fund (TELF), offers a breadth of investment solutions for schools and colleges. We provide:  

  • Competitive investment options

  • Convenient online technology​

  • Experienced, administrative support and client service

  • Ongoing investment education

Our investment options include a daily liquid money market fund, fixed rate investment options, FDIC-insured cash solutions, and managed accounts to help maximize yields and manage cash flows.

Call Miles Capital toll free at (866) 720-2995 to discuss your needs.

Miles Capital Education


Daily Liquid Fund & Rates

The Institutional Money Market Fund

Plus Program

Certificates of Deposit, FDIC-Insured Account, Government Securities, all Fully Compliant with State Codes

Managed Accounts

Professional, Fully Discretionary, Investment Management


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The School Finance Leader:
December 2019

The School Finance Leader is a curated monthly digest of useful public entity finance and leadership links brought to you by Miles Capital.

Helping schools maximize investment income within cash flows and state code.


Plus Program

The Miles Capital Education Plus Program helps schools invest public funds in fixed income securities that comply with applicable state code. Securities include issuances of the U.S. Government, Certificates of Deposit (CDs), and financial institution deposit accounts.


Participants can obtain competitive rates with maturities up to 60 months. Rates quoted will be net of all Plus program expenses. Our program is convenient and effective.


To purchase Plus investments, simply call Miles Capital toll free at (866) 720-2995 to discuss your needs.

Outstanding Service


We are committed to delivering outstanding client service to all educational institutions. Our Investment professionals average 17 years of industry experience in helping support government and school organizations.

Serving schools, colleges, and other educational institutions since 1986

Amy Mitchell, Director Public Fund Services

Amy Mitchell

Managing Director, 
Head of Government Entities

Amy has 30 years of experience working with the cash investing services of schools and government entities... Read More

Phone: 515-224-2720

Email: amitchell@miles-capital.com

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