Miles Capital offers independent and customized asset management, specialty advisory services, and capital markets insights. Our tenured team leverages their decades of experience in the industry to provide guidance on the issues affecting your business and help empower your success.

Alternative Markets Solutions (AMS)

Miles Capital provides an exclusive and comprehensive platform to change the way insurance companies invest in alternative asset classes and strategies. The AMS group provides due diligence, guidance, asset allocation, and manager access to clients.

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Blog Roll

Are bond markets inflated?                                    04/15/2015  Investment professionals are more concerned about a potential debt bubble than in the past 15 years.

Euro-dollar falls amid central bank activity                  04/14/2015  The euro continues to fall against the U.S. dollar due to the ECB's easing and questions about Greece's future.

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Insurer Trends and Opportunities: On Demand Webinar
Insurer allocations to alternative investments have grown. However, investing in non-traditional assets should occur withint the context of an insurance-focused framework.

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Company News & Careers
IASA Chicagoland & Michigan Conferences

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Insurance Asset Management
Insurance Asset Management

As a strategic partner to our insurance clients, we assist management in the development and implementation of a customized investment strategy.

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Local Government Services

For more than two decades, Miles Capital has provided Local Government Investment Pool advisory services for political subdivisions in multiple states.


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Nonprofit Asset Management

We believe it critical to take a holistic view of our clients' needs, and build portfolios to help manage to the Mission.

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