Additional Services

We know the special constraints and the evolving challenges our insurance clients face. As a result, we do more than offer the solid foundation of our fixed income, equity, or alternative asset management.

We have developed a growing suite of tools and services built specifically to support the desired outcomes and success of insurance clients. These services are designed to meet your unique needs, and include:

  • Peer Review Analysis
  • Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® and IMPACT Portfolio Analysis
  • Investment Policy Statement Support
  • Rating Agency and Regulatory Support
  • Customized Portfolios and Benchmarking
  • Enterprise Risk Management Framework
  • Scenario Analysis (Cash Flow and Stress Testing)
  • Capital Efficiency Modeling and New Money Yield Analysis
  • Schedule D Support
  • OTTI Documentation

Whether a client needs immediate guidance for the implementation of a reinvestment program, consultation on business line risk or expansion plans, or support for presentations to rating agencies, Miles Capital can help.

For more information on any of our services, please contact us.