Institutional Fixed Income

Miles Capital believes the appropriate strategy for each client is determined by their unique objectives and constraints, but our total return strategies are typically less constrained by sector weights or tax considerations.

  • Core Fixed Income
  • Intermediate Core
  • Intermediate High Quality

Our core bond portfolios offer a broadly diversified portfolio of investment grade bonds, designed to produce consistent excess returns relative to the market. Our team of capital markets experts leverages a robust and deliberate research process to continually evaluate opportunities in their sectors. Our bottom-up security and sector processes are paired with top-down macroeconomic evaluation of factors that may drive performance in various sectors or industries.

Miles Capital will typically favor larger allocations to corporate bonds, which offer incremental yield and the greatest potential addition to relative value for our clients through our independent factor/variable rating framework, FTV. Allocations to Treasuries and Agencies are appropriate for overall risk management and to meet duration and liquidity needs. Last, the moderate weights in securitized sectors are driven by the balance between cash flow objectives and quality structure. Securities in this sector may meet all three objectives of liquidity, quality, and yield advantage.

This strategy is typically suitable for companies with higher surplus or those that are seeking a balance between current income potential and long-term total returns.

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