Fixed Income

Fixed Income Philosophy

We believe that fixed income should preserve capital, provide liquidity, and deliver a yield advantage over the appropriate benchmark. We seek to achieve these objectives through a fundamentals-driven security selection process across high quality and liquid issuers, deliberate allocation across key sectors, and structural diversification to mitigate risk.

Fixed Income Process

Miles Capital's team-based investment process leverages cross-functional strengths and is designed to deliver value added results and consistent excess performance for our clients through different market environments. Risk management is the foundation of our process. Our investment approach is focused on:

  • Top-down investment environment analysis;
  • Bottom-up, proprietary sector and security analysis and selection;
  • Consideration of client strategy;
  • Risk management; and
  • Continual portfolio surveillance.
Fixed Income


The appropriate strategy for each client is determined by their unique objectives and constraints. All portfolios are customized to help meet client goals but are all built on the core Miles Capital philosophy and discipline. Client portfolios may incorporate multiple strategies that range from yield-focused or ALM driven to a total return structure.

Insurance and Sector Specific

  • Customized Target Duration
    • (Long/Intermediate/Limited)
  • Sector Specific (Corporates, Municipals, Securitized)
  • Cash Management
  • Commercial Mortgage Loans

Institutional Fixed Income

  • Core Fixed Income
  • Intermediate Core
  • Intermediate High Quality

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