Active Equity Management

Equity Philosophy

We believe that the key to generating long term excess returns for clients is fundamental stock selection. We focus on buying:

  • High quality stocks;
  • With strong upside versus downside potential;
  • At a time when the market is also appreciating them.

This approach is managed within a risk framework to minimize impacts from unintended factors.

Equity Philosophy

Equity Process

Our well defined and repeatable investment process places an emphasis on stock selection and portfolio construction, and is singularly focused on maintaining a specific portfolio profile.

Miles Capital's equity team leverages a proprietary relative ranking process, focused on:

  • Sector-by-sector analysis of quantitative factors;
  • In-depth fundamental research to identify stocks with desired alpha generating characteristics;
  • Unique assessment of upside versus downside potential;
  • Continual risk monitoring; and
  • A strict sell discipline.


  • Equity Income
  • Large-Cap Diversified
  • Small-Cap Core
  • U.S. Real Estate
  • International Equity

We also provide efficient exposure to additional asset classes in various ways, including funds or exchange traded funds. The appropriate strategies and vehicles for each client are determined through consideration of a number of factors.

For more information on any of our strategies, please contact Michael Hanniford.