Objectives-Based Asset Allocation®

Does Your Portfolio Support Your Business Objectives?

Experience tells us that many insurers do not have a true asset allocation strategy that aligns the portfolio with their needs and objectives. Traditional methods of portfolio allocation and management often fail to deliver the results that drive profitability and competitive positioning.

We have designed and deliver a solution that directly aligns with your business.

OBAA® is Designed for the Insurance Industry (View the Video)

What it does for you:

Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® (OBAA®) clarifies asset class exposures along the four core needs of insurers – Yield, Growth, Risk Mitigation, and Inflation Protection. And, OBAA® creates an allocation strategy that is targeted to support your unique business objectives, such as improving book yield and net investment income, growing capital, or supporting the capacity ratio.

OBAA® goes beyond traditional asset allocation in order to connect your portfolio with your business; and not just for today, but well into the future. Our approach proactively assigns purpose to the insurance asset portfolio.

Done Correctly, Asset Allocation Should Deliver a Portfolio with True Direction

OBAA® aligns a tailored list of asset classes – unique to each insurer based on industry, size, peers, and objectives – with the desired business outcomes. It illustrates gaps in current strategy and projects dynamic, forward-looking solutions to help meet each company’s critical objectives and support competitive positioning.

The Benefits of OBAA®

  • Clarity: Understand what you own and why, identify gaps and how each asset class fits
  • Purpose: Creates a portfolio strategy truly aligned with business outcomes
  • Direction: A multi-year solution designed to help deliver results that matter to you

With Our Approach, Your Portfolio Will Do More.

To learn more, read our white paper here or contact us.