Real Assets

Real assets include real estate, infrastructure, and natural resources and may help hedge against inflation. Real assets are long only investments that have traditionally had similar return to equities, while maintaining low correlations with both equity and fixed income investments. Real assets also have higher correlations to inflation than traditional inflation-linked securities.

Private real estate funds include investments in multi-family housing, industrial and office structures, land, retail, and mixed use properties. Private real estate provides enhanced portfolio diversification and higher income in later years of the investment cycle. They also have had higher returns and lower volatility than traditional public equity over the past 20 years. Our portfolios of top-tier real asset fund of funds typically serve as excellent complements to public equities and are designed to help deliver strong returns and a potential hedge against inflation.

Private natural resource funds invest globally in energy, renewable energy, broader commodities, and other infrastructure assets. Natural resources have a low correlation with traditional assets and offer a unique return and risk stream that may provide greater diversification. Our natural resources fund of funds typically complement public equities and are designed to deliver strong returns and a potential hedge against inflation.

Why Miles Capital?

We have a disciplined manager due diligence process, aimed at identifying best-in-class managers. We partner with managers that have experienced global teams, premium access to deal flow, deep portfolio construction experience, strong risk controls, competitive performance and fees, and strong diversification and depth across sectors.

We create custom real asset allocations, aligned with each client’s objectives and constraints. The private real assets fund of funds we utilize for our clients invest globally across the markets and the four broad categories of Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Opportunistic. Diversified exposures to all types of real asset deal flow can help minimize unique deal or strategy risks associated with any particular investment. We also leverage our Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® to identify the right allocations for our clients.

We leverage our experience and strong relationships with leading managers to bring our clients clear, customized solutions, all offered in a powerful easy-to-use package.

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