Private Equity

Private equity aligns with the need most investors have for growth. Returns are driven by strategic investments with the opportunity for strong upside potential.

While investors must commit capital for a long period, the offsetting illiquidity premium and the improvements that fund managers make to portfolio companies may support annualized return targets of 300 to 500 basis points over public equity markets1.

Private equity performance varies, with the top firms significantly outperforming their bottom quartile peers. Investment with elite managers is often unavailable or high barriers to entry exist. At Miles Capital, we offer a better approach.

Why Miles Capital?

We leverage our industry partnerships to access top tier managers for our clients. We work with managers that have experienced global teams, premium access to deal flow, deep portfolio construction experience, strong risk controls, competitive performance and fees, and strong diversification and depth across sectors.

The private equity fund of funds we utilize for our clients invest globally in both primary and secondary opportunities across the stages of the company life cycle: private equity buyouts, joint ventures, distressed, and venture capital. Diversified exposures to all types of private equity can help minimize unique deal or strategy risks associated with any particular investment. We also leverage our Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® to identify the right allocations for our clients.

Miles Capital helps clients allocate to private equity and other alternative assets within the context of a strategic framework, whereby each investment serves to complement or enhance the existing risk profile. We leverage our experience and industry partnerships to bring our clients clear, customized solutions, all offered in a powerful easy-to-use package.

1Source: Cambridge Private Equity Index

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