Direct Hedge Funds

Hedge Fund investments are typically made for one of two reasons: to generate absolute returns or provide risk mitigation. At Miles Capital we focus on constructing hedge fund portfolios designed to help mitigate risks within the broader client portfolio.

The ability of hedge funds to be long or short a particular investment or market enables them to alter their exposure to the broader market, potentially minimizing the impact of down markets. These opportunities outside of the traditional stock and bond markets can help preserve principal, diversify return streams, and withstand various rate and market cycles, all while producing positive returns.

There is strong dispersion among hedge fund manager returns, even within the same strategy. Top firms significantly outperform their bottom quartile peers. High barriers to entry exist in investing with these managers. At Miles Capital, we help overcome these hurdles.

Why Miles Capital?

Our tenured team leverages a rigorous risk management framework, focused on careful due diligence and diversification. We leverage our industry partnerships to access top tier managers for our clients at reasonable investment levels.

We source, perform due diligence on, and allocate to managers across the hedge fund spectrum, including Long/Short Equity, Relative Value, Event Driven, Global Macro, and Multi-Strategy. We have built a disciplined manager due diligence process, aimed at identifying best-in-class managers with strong teams and robust risk controls.

We also leverage our Objectives-Based Asset Allocation® to identify the right allocations for our clients. We create custom hedge fund portfolios, aligned with each client’s objectives and constraints. We can provide single-strategy investment opportunities or diversified, multi-strategy hedge fund portfolio as appropriate.

Our diversified portfolios of top-tier hedge funds typically serve as excellent complements to public equities, providing the potential for downside risk protection without significantly decreasing return opportunities. We leverage our experience and industry partnerships to bring our clients clear, customized solutions, all offered in a powerful easy-to-use package.

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