Alternative Market Solutions

Our Alternative Markets Solutions℠ (AMS) is appropriate for insurers that require more efficient portfolio performance, better diversified investments, and easy access to top tier managers, all without adding layers of additional complexity.

Alternative investments offer a number of key benefits, but there are also typically a number of challenging considerations.

  • Which asset classes and allocation size?
  • What is the appropriate allocation to illiquidity?
  • What characteristics matter most in due diligence?
  • How can you be assured you’re selecting a top-tier manager?
  • What are the capital and accounting considerations that are critical?

We think differently about alternatives access and allocations. Our AMS℠ Group leverages our truly distinctive framework to cut through this complexity of the asset class universe and deliver to you a portfolio structure that will help meet your needs and protect and grow capital. We:

  • Provide insurance expertise and best-in-class manager access
  • Leverage our proprietary IMPACT Portfolio ModelSM
  • Deliver intelligent, objectives-based portfolio construction
  • Perform robust due diligence and select managers
  • Simplify investing by providing a practical and accessible platform
  • Support your operational needs, including capital and accounting evaluations

We can provide access to our solutions in one of two convenient ways - direct, managed accounts or liquid mutual fund. Click here for more information on the Miles Capital Alternatives Advantage Fund.

The universe of asset classes is complex. We leverage our insurance expertise, alternative markets knowledge, and industry partnerships to bring our clients clear, customized solutions, all offered in a powerful, easy-to-use package.

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